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Bridging the gap between vision and execution our process ensures a polished, captivating final project that delivers exceptional quality that exceeds client expectations.

Step 01 Discovery

Consultations are the most crucial step to ensuring Bridgeside Production will hit your company goals. We take the time to understand your vision & brand. Based on the pre/post production service selected, the consult will be tailored around your needs, giving you a roadmap of what to expect during our engagement.
Budget of course comes into play here as well, and we strive to make something work for every price tier.

Step 02 Ideation

Our team assesses the gear, staff and logistics for the project. Projects that require only post production go right to editing. Some clients come to us with fully fleshed ideas, but many need us to bridge the gap between their vision and the final product so our team will collaborate with you to tell the story you want.
No production is made equal, engagements are highly customized so timeline will be based on your needs, how much information you have available vs our team having to (gladly) hand hold your company through the process.
Budget for the project can vary, after our consultation we base the quote off of the gear, staff, travel & logistics outlined in the planning phase. We then return a quote for the project to you. When they move forward we collect the retainer and all necessary assets. We try to work with any budget within our pool of professionals we have varying experience levels to help fit into your budget and different tiers of equipment that can be used. However keep in mind that quality production comes at a cost.

Step 03 Deliverables

Deliverables vary based on job and budget, however each deliverable we produce has the opportunity to be used for various applications to help increase visibility and brand awareness! Advertising and promoting, client websites, portfolios, social media posts and stories. They are fantastic for helping promote the client and their brand.

A music video can be cut into different lengths for accommodating platforms, a livestream or recording of a conference can get turned into highlights that make great soundbites and advertisements, of course brand videos can become commercials or content for websites.
We're Not Happy Until You're Happy

Bridgeside Benefits

We bridge the gap between your concept and execution - there's no limit to how we can help you achieve your vision.
Triple-Redudant Internet means you're always connected. With multiple failsafes in place you can be sure your live production never drops a frame.
No BS! From pre-to-post we bring your project from concept to completion with a skilled team, constant communication, dedication and hard work.


Tell me more about event ticketing?

Glad you asked! Not only can we shoot and produce your live and virtual productions, but we also offer a full e-commerce ticketing option that allows you to create and share a customized event page and charge admission to an audience to attend your show in-person, or online.

I'm worried, what if the internet goes down during a virtual event?

Not to worry, we’ve done considerable research and worked with countless specialists to set up our redundant internet connection- if one ISP goes down, we have two more on standby to kick in immediately, which means you’ll never drop a frame.